Zevo: Product Expansion Idea

Zevo is a pest control product brand by Procter & Gamble that offers a variety of products ‘made to bother the buys, not your family’ (ZEVO | Worry-free Insect Sprays & Traps, 2023). You don’t have to wait to take action when you use Zevo Ant, Roach & Fly Multi-Insect Spray with BioSelectiveTM Technology because it targets AND shuts down biological pathways found in insects, not in people or pets. We know that adult insects in your home can lay eggs that mature and become adults in as little as seven days (ZEVO | Worry-free Insect Sprays & Traps, 2023).

As part of their offerings, they provide flying insect traps that plug into the wall, on-body repellent, and insect killer sprays to remove unwanted pests at no risk to children or pets. Their products incorporate ingredients like geraniol, cinnamon oil, and lemongrass, which are effective in pest prevention and have lower risks for allergic reactions than harsh chemicals (ZEVO | Worry-free Insect Sprays & Traps, 2023).

Currently, there are no pest prevention options available, so I would like to propose that Zevo expand its offerings to furry and four-legged family members. I am delighted to propose this product as I currently use Zevo in my home with five cats and find their plug-in ‘flying insect trap’ and ‘Fly, Gnat & Fruit Fly’ spray to be super-efficient and effective in removing unwanted pests while keeping my family safe. The biggest draw for me to this brand is the nontoxic nature of their products and how they use oils to remove pests effectively.

Expansion: Pest Prevention and Protection for Cats

My specific product expansion suggestion is for a Pest Prevention and Protection for Cats topical that is applied once monthly to prevent fleas, ticks, and flies. To learn more about the opportunities involved in expanding into this product line, I will conduct descriptive research using the scientific method. My desired outcome will be to show Zevo the number of consumers who actively use their products and also own pets alongside the possible new market share they could reach by including this offering.

Research Objectives

First, I will research the number of households in the United States that own cats, followed by the number of cats per household. After collecting this data, I will research the Nielsen sales data that tells how many Zevo products are sold for sprays and on-body pest prevention. This data will help highlight the consumer interest in pest prevention and showcase the viability of expanding into the pet market. I will also have to research pest prevention competitions that utilize natural ingredients and pet-safe formulas. My research objective is to establish the need for Pest Protection and Prevention for Cats that Zevo can develop, market, and sell to consumers.

Research Approach

Using the Descriptive Research method, I will target cat owners, consumers who prefer natural products, and cat ownership populations by geographic region across the United States and organizations that advocate for environmentally friendly products. Knowing where these numbers are denser will help narrow down the best test market and geographic area for initial product launch and promotion opportunities.

Research Design

When conducting research, I will conduct product research on competitors to establish market saturation, followed by pricing research to establish a starting price point. Next, I will look at sales and distribution and see where the competition is currently selling; I will look to such websites as Nielsen and Statista to gain this insight. This combination of research will be combined into a marketing performance analysis, which will highlight the current offerings to show Zevo the opportunity margins of increasing their products to integrate into the cat market.


 At the end of my research, I can provide percentages on estimated increased revenue, current consumer expansion assuming cat owner inclusion and market share increases based on projected revenue increases from historical sales data. The culmination of this will hopefully support my product with industry data gathered from Nielsen, Statista, and Census.gov to start; additional sites may be added as research begins to ensure proper market sampling and limit the possibility of information bias.

Desired Outcome

Once my findings are presented, Zevo will be so impressed that they agree to begin research and development on this new pest prevention for cats. Thus ensuring that cats everywhere have the option of pesticide-free protection. 


ZEVO | Worry-free Insect Sprays & Traps. (2023). ZEVO. Retrieved October 27, 2023, from https://zevoinsect.com/


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